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5 Clever Break Ideas to Refresh Your Frazzled Attendees

Meetings and convention attendees expect all-inclusive experiences that are memorable, stimulating, and unique. Those expectations even extend to the downtimes between keynote speeches and breakout sessions. 

We suggest these creative diversions to rejuvenate your attendees and enhance their overall experience:

1. Encourage a Spa or Workout.

Staying refreshed is essential for attendees to get the most out of each session. Some might want to indulge in a spa-themed pause to help them relax and recharge. Others may prefer physical exercise and movement. Many of College Station’s full-service meeting hotels have fitness centers and spas that can serve as a place of positivity and focus.

2. Provide Meditation or Yoga.

Meditation or yoga breaks have multiple benefits and can significantly boost focus and productivity. A simple 10-minute break for yoga or meditation helps attendees unwind and rejuvenate before the next session.

3. Offer Healthy and Delicious Snacks.

Instead of blindly sending attendees to the hotel lobby to recharge on crackers and a cup of average coffee, offer healthy and enticing snacks such as fresh veggies, hummus, green tea, and dark chocolate. The additional antioxidant will provide an instant energy boost before the afternoon sessions.

4. Conduct a Mini Scavenger Hunt.

Send your attendees on mini scavenger hunts through the venues or conference rooms for a quick dose of fun and intrigue. Offering prizes for the winners at the meeting’s end will help keep attendees engaged to the end. 

5. Add a Comedy Act.

Meetings often become tedious, leading attendees to lose focus. Instead of offering a humdrum 10-minute break in the lobby, make them smile with a rousing comedy act. After all, laughter remains the best medicine. The Visit College Station team can connect you with local performers to add spark to your event.

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